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Question 1

How do I prevent aging ?

A: Is it a must we grow old? This is one of the reasons ladermique was founded.  Aging occurs due to reduced production of important nutrients production in the body. like collagen, NAD, vitamins which are powerfull anti-oxidants and many more. these leads to aging and accompanied signs of aging, like loose of enegy, wrinkles, fine lines, joint pain and the like. by supplementing this lost nutrients we can freeze the clock of time staying younger for longer away from the many diseases brought about by the predisposing factor of aging. stay younger and healthier away from aging. some recommendations include: Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day, and consider using anti-oxidants on your skin like vitamines including topical products that contain retinoids and antioxidants, which can help improve the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging.

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Question 2

How do I get rid of dark spots?

A: Let's tackle the elephant in the room, dark spots! They are such a pain. Mostly, dark spots appear due to too much oil on skin (left as a result of pre existing pimples) or exposure to UV rays which damage skin.  Avoiding the sun and wearing sunscreen can prevent new dark spots from forming, while exfoliating regularly , using products with vitamins and antioxidants as serums and moisturizers help as well. 

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Question 3

Are your products natural?

A: La dermique products have been extracted from organic components like shea butter, aloe vera, pollen, hyarulonic acid to impact millions of skin cells.

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Question 4

Are your products safe for breastfeeding and pregnancy?

For topical application there is no problem since this remains on the skin only. For oral supplements we encourage you to consult with us, for the specific oral supplement recomendations. 

Question 5

Can i use your products in my normal skin care routine?

At la dermique, our products are focused in solving your skin concerns. It is safe to use alongside normal cleansers and moisturizers. However we recommend you understand if these pre existing products are causing your skin products, in which case you should discontinue. Our products are safe to use under make up as well.

Question 6

What happens if my skin reacts to your products?

A: As all skin products, not every product works best with everyone. We recommend for a patch test (behind ears or on back of the hand) to be applied before fully using our products. in any case irritation or reaction, discontinue immediately. Please note, your needs come as a priority to us so we offer 100% customer guarantee.

Question 7

How can I pay for my product?

A: Shopping on our website is one way to complete a payment. We also have a till number, 782078. Alternatively for clients within Nairobi, you can opt to pay on delivery.

Question 8

Where is your shop?

A: La dermique is both an online and offline store. Get us on all social media platforms at La dermique or visit us at Kensia house in Ngara, Murangá road, past gurunanak hospital, next to Pioneer University, S02.

Question 9

I am having trouble logging into your website. How can i make my order?

A: Try refreshing the web page or opening it in a new tab, Either, you can message us on whatsapp on 0710 710 000. 

Question 10

How long does it take to ship your products?

A: For all orders made between 8am and 2pm, it is same day delivery in Nairobi, and next day delivery outside Nairobi. All deliveries made within Kenya are free of charge.

Question 11?

What are your costs on delivery?

A: All deliveries made within Kenya are free of charge.